"How do we engage with technology? What is the boundary between humans and technology? And what makes us, us?"


The center’s neuroethics research is led by Sara Goering, a UW philosophy professor with a background in disability studies and bioethics, and Eran Klein, a neurologist and UW affiliate professor. Center members from the Department of Philosophy work closely with neuroscientists, engineers, doctors and industry professionals to develop effective technology in the most ethical ways.


We utilized polls at the end of the IG story to add some interactive elements for the audience. We posed the hypothetical situation of Joan, letting viewers weigh in on what/who is to blame for the technology malfunction. We added a panel where a UW expert weighs in and asked the question again. We had 60 percent of people change their opinion on the topic.

Overall engagement on this was amazing with 85 percent of people making it to the last panel.


Creative lead, Designer, Animator.